Adult Coloring Book Sales
Are Still Red-Hot, With
Multiple Book Titles Inside
Amazon’s Top 100 Books List!
Publishing Industry Insiders Have Said
1/3 Of The Growth in Print Book Sales Are
Directly The Result Of Coloring Book Sales

Bill Platt and Tina Golden here.

Nearly everyone involved in book publishing has heard the amazing news stories about the growth of the coloring book industry over the last few years.

In an average week, you can look at Amazon’s Top 100 Books List and see several coloring book titles in the list.

Coloring books are literally making lots of authors — lots of money.

In fact, the book shown in the image below was almost able to outsell the newest Harry Potter book…

The “Teacher Swears” coloring book exploded almost immediately, rising from obscurity to the top of the best seller’s list in just a couple weeks, almost overtaking the new Harry Potter book by selling more than 2,000 copies in one day!

Not bad results for a brand-new book published by an independent, self-published author — just like you… 🙂

Adults Worldwide Are Rediscovering
The Childhood Joys Of Sitting Down With
Coloring Books & a Box of Coloring Pencils

In 2014, consumers purchased one million coloring books.

In 2015, consumers rediscovered coloring books and went on to purchase more than 12 million coloring books.

Industry-insiders anticipate that 2016 sales will set even higher records for sales.

According to Mashable, trail-blazer coloring book publisher Johanna Basford — by herself — has sold more than 16 million coloring books worldwide since 2013.

The companies who produce the pencils and markers are even reporting record sales, indicating that their sales have increased anywhere from 14% to 25% worldwide, depending on the manufacturer. Coloring pencil manufacturers have even said that consumers are demanding more color-choices in pencil sets, resulting in record sales for 72-color and 120-color pencil sets.

The coloring book genre is literally on fire!

And for those people who are willing to publish new coloring book titles, these kinds of sales numbers… SPELLS “Massive Opportunity!

The Biggest Challenge For Most New Authors
Is How To Produce New Coloring Books,
Without Paying $1,000’s To Artists Or
Spending Months To Create Original Artwork

Working with freelance artists can be really painful and really expensive.

My personal experience trying to hire freelance artists could be the norm, or it could have been out of the ordinary.

I interviewed several dozen freelance artists on Upwork, with the intent of hiring several artists. When all was said and done, I hired NO ONE!

I interviewed dozens of freelance artists, and without fail, once we came to an agreement about the job and I sent the contract to them, the “scoundrels” tried to change the terms of our agreement at the last minute.

If I had continued to try to work with the freelance artists I had interviewed, I could have ended up spending as much as $2,000 to create one simple coloring book with only twenty images!

And even if I had agreed to that pricing structure, there is no guarantee that those freelance artists would have been able to give me the kind of finished images that I wanted for my books…

I might have born at night, but it wasn’t last night… 😉

This Journey Began For
Tina and Myself In July of 2015

As July 2015 was winding down, one of our peers released this beautiful little training guide called “Coloring Books for Adults”.

But there was a problem (consider the match-up of big egos and unwanted competition, and you get the idea), so the original author pulled the product from the marketplace.

I approached the original author and asked him to put the product back up for sale, because a number of my customers wanted to purchase the training.

My friend simply would not offer the product again, so I purchased the rights to sell the “Coloring Books for Adults” product as my own.

That resulted in me taking a crash course in coloring book publishing and learning all I could about the subject, so that I could better assist my customers in their publishing journey.

I was already well known as a teacher in the self-publishing niche for several years. I had a following, and people trusted me as a teacher.

Tina Golden was one of my customers. She was among a number of my customers who went on to make money publishing coloring books.

One Year Makes A Huge Difference

I had known Tina for years, and I had previously worked with her on other projects. So when I realized that she was taking coloring books seriously and producing her own books, I recruited her to help me manage support for my customers.

Tina and I have been working together for the past year discovering:

  • What makes coloring book customers tick;
  • What coloring book consumers want in the books they purchase;
  • What types of designs customers want to buy;
  • Whether people prefer hand-drawn illustrations or computer-generated illustrations;
  • What challenges self-published authors were facing in the process of producing coloring books;
  • What software applications could be used to create designs that consumers loved;
  • How to use those software applications to create truly unique and interesting coloring book designs;
  • How to create outstanding coloring book designs quickly and easily;
  • How to easily expand on the designs we created previously;
  • How to efficiently teach others to do what we have learned to do;
  • How to help others produce more coloring books in less time;
  • And much more…
In The Early Days, We Both Resisted
The Trend Towards PLR Artwork For Authors

Instinctively, we both understood that there were several problems with PLR Artwork for coloring book authors.

Although we knew that many authors were struggling to find artwork for their coloring books, and we knew that lots of people could benefit from an abundant supply of PLR images, most people simply did not know how to best utilize the PLR artwork they purchased.

The biggest concerns with using PLR Illustrations as the foundation for self-published coloring books are:

  1. If two authors use a single illustration “as is” and customers notice, that may result in bad reviews for both books.
  2. If Amazon becomes aware of two books using the exact same illustrations, they will likely pull both books from their marketplace.
  3. Does the person selling the PLR illustrations actually own the illustrations and have the legal rights to offer the illustrations as PLR (Private Label Rights)?
  4. Are the available PLR illustrations worth using as the foundation for a new image?
  5. Do coloring book authors actually know how to modify PLR illustrations in such a way as to make them completely unique and still attractive to consumers?

The last item on the list above is KEY!

Do you actually know how to modify PLR illustrations in such a way as to make them both attractive to consumers and in a way that is easy for you to do?

Honestly, Tina and I Could Not
Imagine Offering PLR Artwork
Unless We Also Offered Training!

Tina and I both realized that simply purchasing PLR artwork was a waste of money for most coloring book authors…

UNLESS those authors also understood how to change and modify the PLR images into something new and exciting for their customers!

It was with this idea in mind that we moved forward to teach people about the software and the techniques that we use to transform ordinary images into something truly extraordinary! Was Created
To Teach Average, Ordinary People
How To Produce Exciting Artwork
Using Simple PLR and PD Images!

Within our training videos, we demonstrate how to transform Private Label Rights (PLR) illustrations and Public Domain (PD) images into something truly exciting!

We give you links to websites where you can find a steady supply of Public Domain images.

We show you how to use free and paid software programs to modify your starting images, and to create something unique and exciting for the people who purchase coloring books.

We show you the software we use, and we tell you about optional free software you can use instead of the paid software.

Then we show you the techniques that you will use to create the images that have the potential to leave your customers absolutely breathless and anxious to own your book and color your illustrations.

In the video training section of this offer, we are giving you immediate access to two videos that will walk you step-by-step through two very powerful techniques for creating unique artwork using PLR and PD images.

But Wait! There Is More…

Also, to help you get started on the right foot, we are also giving you access to a package of 25 PLR Images that you can use to create your coloring books.

All of our PLR Images are:

  • 4500 x 4500 pixels
  • 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • Packaged in .AI format (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Packaged in .SVG format (Vector)
  • Packaged in .JPG format (Bitmap image)
  • Hand-Drawn by Tina Golden
  • Scanned into the computer
  • Set up with a Border around the image
  • Includes the Rights to Modify and Use as your own
  • With Only One Restriction: You cannot publish or sell the images “as is” – unmodified.

And just so that you know that these are top-notch, high-quality, coloring book designs, take a look at the package below:

What Rights Do You Receive
With This Purchase?

When you purchase access to our images, you receive the following rights:

  • Right to Modify.
  • Right to Publish Modified Images in Your Coloring Books and Coloring Products.


When you purchase our images, you do not receive the following rights:

  • You do not have the right to publish the images unmodified.
  • You do not have the right to resell our images to other authors or other parties as PLR Images.
  • You may not resell our image packages on your own website or on any third-party seller websites, such as Fiverr or anywhere else.
Even If You Have Zero Artistic Talent
We Are Going To Teach You How To Create
Incredible & Exciting Coloring Book Designs!

Let me be clear! 🙂

In this partnership, Tina Golden is the person with the artistic talent.

You could literally take all of my artistic talent and place it on the head of a needle, and that space would look like a ghost town. 🙂

I am a writer by trade, and a fool when it comes to art…

But I will tell you what…

Using the software that I use and the techniques that I have learned, I can create designs that will make you believe that I actually have some talent as an artist. 😉

I am like the “bottled redhead“. She only has red hair, because she knows how to use hair dye — my ex-wife on most days. LOL

Not only that, with a bit of trial-end-error, I can usually whip up a really good coloring book design in just a few minutes.

I don’t need talent to create a great coloring book…

Fortunately for us, Tina Golden doesn’t need any darn computer to whip up some really interesting designs for her coloring books and for us to use as a starting point for our own coloring books.

See Our Training and PLR Artwork
In Action and Working Together

We are including two videos directly below that will show you one of our production techniques and how we can use it to combine the various PLR images that we are making available to you with this package.

The first video is just 2 minutes long, and the second video has a total running time of 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

Do take a look, because we believe you will be very pleased at what you can do with the PLR artwork we are making available to you, using the techniques that we teach in our training…

You Are Just Moments Away From
Putting Our Experience To Work For You

Click the purchase button below to get immediate access to our training and the PLR artwork that we are making available to you with this offer.

If You Have Any Questions About This Offer,
Get In Touch With Me and Ask Away…

My name is Bill Platt, and I live in Ponca City, Oklahoma USA.

My partner is Tina Golden. She lives in the great state of Maine, USA.

If you have any questions for us, we can be reached at:
support @

Although I am able to answer most questions within just a few hours, please allow me up to 72 hours to respond. After all, I actually do have a life outside the internet from time-to-time. 😉


Bill Platt