Error That We Are Addressing Now

For those of you who purchased the monthly subscription to this program, we have been alerted to an issue with accessing Month #2 content.

The content has been uploaded and should be available to you upon payment of the subsequent month’s payment. But the Month #2 content is not visible to you right now.

I have narrowed down the cause of the problem, but not yet the solution to the issue.

I wanted to make you aware that I am working on finding a solution now, but I have not yet found the needed solution.

They joys of working with third-party membership software. LOL

As soon as I fix this problem, I will post again to let you know the solution has been found.

p.s. I am pretty sure that I will not use Digital Access Pass (DAP) for another membership site that requires monthly payments. One time payments, not a problem. Monthly subscriptions, yuk. 😉

My number #1 issue with DAP is the lack of good documentation.

Bill Platt