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Welcome Affiliates,

The “PLR Coloring Book Art” offer is showing solid results during our pre-launch phase.

Since 2015, there has been lots of interest in the book author community towards the end of producing coloring books for the general book market.

From 2014 to 2015, this genre saw a 1200% increase in book sales.

2016 is shaping up to be another record-setting year.

The biggest hurdle most book authors are facing is creating the artwork.

Several product creators have stepped forward to offer book authors PLR Images that they can use to create their books.

Although these products have done relatively well, they are limited, because a majority of book authors generally do not understand the principles of how to use PLR Images and Public Domain Images to create something new and unique for their books.

How This Offer Is Different

We do offer PLR Images like everyone else does.

Our PLR Images are hand-drawn, making them more attractive to consumers who prefer hand-drawn rather than computer-generated images.

But we go one step further.

We actually offer video training that shows our buyers how to use software to change and transform an ordinary PLR Image into something new, unique and very attractive to coloring book consumers.

On the sales pages, we provide videos that show the results of our techniques, without getting into the how-to.

Inside the website, we offer detailed, over-the-shoulder, video training that will help your customers learn how to increase their productivity using PLR Images and PD Images as the base for new coloring book designs.

The Sales Funnel

All images available in our packages are available in AI (Adobe Illustrator), SVG (Vector Format), and JPG formats.

All images are formatted at 4500 by 4500 pixels and 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).

  1. 25-Pack Coloring Book PLR Images ($12.95) Main Offer – 25 hand-drawn PLR Images. Plus 2 training videos showing people how to take ordinary PLR Images and PD Images and turn them into something new and unique.
  2. 50-Pack Coloring Book PLR Images ($19.95) OTO #1 – 50 hand-drawn PLR Images.
  3. PLR Coloring Book Art Membership ($19.95 per month) OTO #2 – 30 hand-drawn PLR Images per month. Plus 5 additional training videos, with more training videos to come.

Information For Affiliates

Do Not Promote Before Tuesday, July 19th, at 11am EST.

We do this to be fair to everyone, by not letting people promote ahead of the scheduled time.

The entire sales funnel pays 50% to affiliates:

  • 25-Pack Coloring Book PLR Images ($12.95) Main Offer – Currently converting at 16%.
  • 50-Pack Coloring Book PLR Images ($19.95) OTO #1 – Currently converting at 40%.
  • PLR Coloring Book Art Membership ($19.95 per month) OTO #2 – Currently converting at 29%.
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