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Bill Platt and Tina Golden here.

We’re going blow the lid off of something amazing!

We are going to show you how you can substantially increase your book royalties by quickly and easily producing books in one of the hottest niches in the book publishing industry – right now!

So close your Facebook page, shut off Skype, turn off the TV and pay close attention – because what we’re going to show you will enable you to create an unlimited supply of unique, exciting and high-quality coloring book pages almost instantly, with very little effort on your part.

Tap into this Explosive & Proven
Publishing Niche Literally Overnight!

According to industry watchers, sales of “coloring books for adults” grew from one million units sold in 2014 to twelve million units sold in 2015, and 2016 sales are so far off the charts.

At the 2016 Book Expo in Chicago earlier this year, some insiders were saying that “coloring books” currently account for one-third of the current growth in print book sales.

Since March of 2015, this genre has literally exploded in popularity, with millions of new customers jumping into coloring books and purchasing multiple books.

And these people buy, buy, buy. After they finish one coloring book, they’re ready to buy another one, and another. It’s almost like being hooked on drugs or anything else – once they’re hooked, they keep coming back for more.

They Are an Easy Sale – Check Out This
Indie Coloring Book Author Who Nearly
Outsold The New Harry Potter Book!

Liz, an indie coloring book producer like you, produced the above “sweary” coloring book. And her book nearly overtook the new Harry Potter book in sales, generating almost 2000 sales in a single day.

This shows you how hot this niche is and it’s something you will want to jump into now, if you haven’t already.

The Biggest Issue:
Making Coloring Books

Of course, in order to tap the market, you have to have a coloring book, and in order to have a coloring book, you must make one.

For most authors, that is an involved process. It usually goes something like this:

X Come up with idea.
X Dig through Upwork, Freelancer, or Guru for an artist.
X Pay several hundred dollars at minimum.
X The artist doesn’t do exactly what you want.
X Ask for revisions.
X Wrestle with the artist to get them to understand the problem.
X Get revisions.
X Maybe settle for a sub-par product, out of sheer frustration.
X Finally compile your book.
X Upload to Createspace.

This process is painful, time consuming and ridiculously overpriced!

Honestly – the above is probably the best you can expect.

Many “professional” artists — or “scoundrels” as I like to call them — will produce cheap, shoddy, rushed work, which means you’ll often have to start all over again when the final images are not up to your standards of quality and value.

In the beginning, I tried to hire artists at Upwork…

I was offering $25 per image drawn for me — a decent deal, I thought.

Upwork people would agree to my terms, then just before I started the contract, they would advise me that in order to get unique illustrations that would not be sold to others and images in which I would hold the copyright, the illustrations that they provided to me would cost in the range of $100 each.

This exact process happened dozens of times, as people would agree to my terms, then at the last minute try to change the terms of the deal we had negotiated.

I literally wasted one month of my life negotiating deals with scoundrels.

I was prepared to spend $500 to develop a single coloring book. Yet, if I had taken the bait offered by the “scoundrels“, my coloring books would have cost at least $2,000 each to develop.

I finally gave up on hiring artists through Upwork…

What If You Could Skip All This
Frustration and Aggravation?

Imagine being able to instantly create hundreds of coloring book pages from a single, high quality, artistic PLR coloring book image.

Imagine NOT needing to pay hundreds of dollars to develop the artwork needed for a single coloring book. In fact, imagine not paying another dime to an artist ever again!

Imagine needing zero artistic skills.

Imagine not paying a dime for complicated software that requires hours to learn.

If you want to produce endless coloring book images that sell, then this is for you…

PLR Coloring Book Art
Membership Program

PLR Coloring Book Art

Inside of Bill Platt & Tina Golden’s
“PLR Coloring Book Art Membership Program”
You’ll Gain Instant Access to Our Collection
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Instantly Create Unlimited, Unique
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Here is how this works:

1. Join the membership. You’ll get 30 new images each month, with full editing and re-use rights.

2. Watch our 10 training videos — over two hours of top-notch training. We’ll walk you through the process of quickly transforming ordinary PLR Images into new and interesting coloring book designs.

3. Use the software we recommend. We recommend both free and paid software solutions and we show you how to use both.

4. Compile your images into document format.

5. Then upload to Createspace!


The process is super simple and each image can be completed in just a few minutes!

In Fact, Watch This Quick 12 Minute Video &
See How Fast You Can Convert Any PLR Images
Into Something Completely New & Unique:

As You Can See – This Process Is Simple
And We Explain Everything Inside

Our training will give you the knowledge you need to produce outstanding coloring book designs fast.

And with practice, you will soon be able to match the speed that we are able to demonstrate to you…

Are you ready to finally create unlimited coloring book images for next to nothing?

Are you ready to stop paying expensive artist fees?

And are you finally ready to learn how you can create an unlimited supply of exceptional coloring book images that you can use to produce your coloring books?

Join Now and Discover:

  • How You Can Instantly Create Unlimited Coloring Book Pages from a Single PLR Image.
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  • How Easy it is to Create Unlimited, High Quality Coloring Books That Consumers Love.
  • Why You Should Never Need To Buy or Learn To Use Any Expensive Software Applications, Again.
  • Why You’ll Never Need to Pay for Another Expensive Illustrator, Ever Again!
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  • A Goldmine of a Niche That is Both Simple to Get Started and Easy to Earn Money!
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  • And Much More!
Join “PLR Coloring Book Art Membership
Program” Now And You’ll Receive:
  • 30 fresh, new PLR coloring book images each month.
  • 10 Training Videos (2 hours and 32 minutes running time) Showing You How to Quickly Edit and Create New Coloring Book Pages For Free, with more videos to come…
  • The Satisfaction That You Won’t Have To Pay A Dime In Really Expensive Artist Fees Ever Again!
  • Are You Still On The Fence?

    Let’s say you want to create two coloring books a month.

    The cost of an artist for each book could theoretically run you just about 500 dollars ($25 an image, 20 images per book).

    That’s over 1000 bucks a month. Can you honestly afford to pay a freelance artist that kind of money to create images for your books?

    Over the course of a year, if you continued to pay freelancers to create images for your books, that’s 12,000 bucks…

    12,000 bucks in artist fees, minimum, over the course of one year.

    And if you can only find “scoundrels” as I did, then you would be paying $2,000 per book for illustrations…

    Not to mention wasting dozens of hours in communication and requesting redo’s. Then there is that matter of that bruise on your forehead from banging your head against the wall, as a result of the frustration of dealing with freelancers. 🙂

    If you want to know how valuable this membership is – imagine paying $12,000 per year to artists to do for you, what you could do for practically nothing!

    This is a Special, Limited Time Offer

    Right now the membership is available for a fraction of the price you’ll normally pay to join.

    This is a launch special and the price will go up!

    All you need to pay is $19.95 per month and you’ll get access to this powerful, and income-generating membership program!

    Join Now For
    Only $19.95 Per Month!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: But Bill and Tina! If This Is PLR, Won’t It Mean EVERYONE Will Create the Same Books?

    A: Nope!

    Inside the membership we’ll show you exactly how to edit and create new and original images from these PLR packs!


    Q: What Happens if I Cancel? Will I Lose Access to My Images and Books?

    A: No!

    Any books and images you’ve created from the PLR packs you’ve downloaded are yours to keep!

    And you can keep using those same PLR images again and again!

    You would only lose access to the NEW image packs each month, as well as access to any new training we make available!

    Plus, if you decide to come back at any time in the future, the price will be much higher than it is now! So not only will you lose access to our PLR packs while you are not a member, but you’ll also pay a lot more for your membership in the future.

    For that reason, we recommend you stay.


    Q: Can’t I just purchase stock images to use in my coloring books?

    A: Sure you can, but according to the stock photo companies, if you are using the image within a coloring book, YOU MUST purchase an Extended License for the image.

    I don’t know if you checked the prices for an Extended License on a stock photo lately, but the numbers I have seen range from $140 to $175 per image.

    If you are wanting the get Extended Licenses for the stock photos that you get from Shutterstock, they will give you a discount if you buy in volume… 😉

    At Shutterstock, the Extended Licensing for 25 images will run you a cool $1,699…

    See for yourself:

    So here is the thing…

    If you want to stay on the right side of the law, then you had better purchase the Extended License on your stock photos.

    If you are going to be paying $68 an image bulk pricing at Shutterstock or the $175 per image at the other stock photo sites, then by all means, go ahead.

    But with our program, you are going to be getting PLR artwork that you can use any way you see fit — except for “as is” — for a ridiculously low price of just $0.67 per image.

    Which is the better deal? 🙂


    Q: But Won’t This Niche Get Saturated?

    A: Nope!

    The people who buy our coloring books are like a fat man at the buffet – they buy, buy and buy some more! They are always looking for new coloring books to work through.

    Most consumers consider coloring books to be therapeutic and thus, it is one of the best book niches for book authors to get into!

    There are very few other book genres that offer so much potential for profit to authors as this one.

    On the sales side of the equation, I have seen photos of coloring book display tables in book stores in more than a dozen countries. Coloring Books for Adults is a world-wide phenomenon.

    And those consumers who do buy coloring books tend to buy at least one coloring book per month, sometimes more.

    The demand is there now, and it is only going to grow over time.


    Q: What Formats Are You Offering These PLR Images?

    A: All images are formatted at 4500 x 4500 pixels, with a resolution of 300 dpi.

    We deliver all image sets in .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .SVG (Vector) and .JPG formats.


    Q: What Can We Expect From You In The Video Training?

    A: Currently, we have 10 videos with a running time of 2 hours and 32 minutes.

    The topics covered within the video training includes:

    #1 – Getting Started with PLR Images
    #2 – Mix-and-Match Multiple Designs
    #3 – Working With Layers
    #4 – Working With Silhouettes
    #5 – Working with Shapes
    #6 – Increase Your Creativity With KK3
    #7 – Using SumoPaint to Explode Your
    #8 – Different Effects with KK3
    #9 – Bordering Designs
    #10 – KK3 and GimpPotential

    What Rights Do You Receive
    With This Purchase?

    When you purchase access to our images, you receive the following rights:

    • Right to Modify.
    • Right to Publish Modified Images in Your Coloring Books and Coloring Products.


    When you purchase our images, you do not receive the following rights:

    • You do not have the right to publish the images unmodified.
    • You do not have the right to resell our images to other authors or other parties as PLR Images.
    • You may not resell our image packages on your own website or on any third-party seller websites, such as Fiverr or anywhere else.
    Join This Powerful Membership Program
    Now for Only $19.95 Per Month!

    And Get Access To Awesome Hand-Drawn Art
    And The Best Training In The Industry!


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    If You Have Any Questions About This Offer,
    Get In Touch With Me and Ask Away…

    My name is Bill Platt, and I live in Ponca City, Oklahoma USA.

    My partner is Tina Golden. She lives in the great state of Maine, USA.

    If you have any questions for us, we can be reached at:
    support @ thephantomwriters.com

    Although I am able to answer most questions within just a few hours, please allow me up to 72 hours to respond. After all, I actually do have a life outside the internet from time-to-time. 😉


    Bill Platt


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